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A Note to Parents

Just who am I, anyway?

How do you know if you're gay, straight, bisexual, transgender or what?

What does it mean to be gay?

What does this mean for your own life, your family and friends? What are they thinking? What will your life be like? How can you learn to make the most of being gay?

Should I come out? How do I do it?

Planning it carefully can make a big difference in how successful your coming out will be. Here are some things you should think about first in the form of an excellent brochure from PFLAG...

What to expect when you come out

I've put up a web page just for parents like yours. After you come out to them, they'll have tons of questions and concerns. Read 'em ahead of time and be prepared!

What to do if you've been outed unexpectedly

This may be causing problems, but it also presents opportunities. Here's some ideas for help and how you can use the situation to your advantage!

Being Out, Proud and Respected!

Being gay can be fun and exciting, with lots of opportunities to help out and acquire a reputation as a really cool person. Here's how!

Specially for "T's"

Here's a special place just for you. We've got resources that can help with the difficult times and people in your life, and make your life fun and exciting!

When you have problems at home

If you're having problems with your family, here are some resources that can help.

When you're having trouble at school

When teachers discriminate or classmates harrass you, you really don't have to take it! There's help available!

Someone to talk to

If you're feeling like you're the only queer in the whole world, you're not! There are lots more out there, and lots of them would love to talk to you!

Our resident expert has answers for you!

His name is Kurt Olson, minister, youth counselor, president of the Chicago chapter of PFLAG. Believe me, he's heard your problem many times before, and he has answers!

Safe Sex, AIDS and you!

You're not immortal. Of course you know that, but it means you can get AIDS if you aren't careful. It's really best that you don't have sex, but if you're going to, at least know what you're doing. Be a role model, not a victim!

Feeling Good About Religion

It's possible to be gay and still be close to God. There are many religions out there, Christian, Jewish, even Buddhist and New Age, that will welcome you with open arms. God feels good about you and you can feel good about God!

Read all about it!

Here's a number of books, and ways to get them or read them, that can answer a lot of questions.

About the guy who put all this together

Scott's been there and done that, and has learned some hard lessons about living and life. Here's his story, and how to get in touch with him.

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