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Click for Phoenix, Arizona Forecast
Current lunar phase, accurate to within four hours, courtesy United States Naval Observatory

Current weather conditions in Phoenix, courtesy wunderground.com. Click on the image for complete conditions and forecast.

Current time in Phoenix, courtesy United States Naval Observatory. Seconds will increment intermittently for 30 seconds. To resume seconds tick, hit reload. Sorry Internet Explorer users, your browser does not support this image type. Click on the image to get a time voice announcement on Real Audio (time announced will be several seconds slow, due to buffering in your Real Audio® player).

This is where so many of your NASA tax dollars are. The current, real-time location of the Internatonal Space Station. The surrounding circle indicates the extents of where the space station is in view from the ground. Courtesy NASA. Current solar image, courtesy SOHO MDI Consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

Just For Fun Cool Stuff!

Here are some just-for-fun sites that are really neat to play around with.

And if you're curious the weather where I am...

  • Here's the current weather conditions for the Phoenix area.

  • If you want to see if it's raining here, here's the radar image of Southern Arizona. I'm just north of PHX.

Here are some Real Audio® Favorites

I used to listen to lots of shortwave radio. No more. Streaming Internet audio is not only free of fades, noise and distortion, but it's always there - doesn't fade with the ionosphere, as shortwave does. And Real Audio® supports favorites exports, so you can share your favorites with friends. With over 18,000 streams available on the Internet, you'll never again lack for something interesting to listen to. Here is a presets file containing all my current favorites, checked for operability and scanned for viruses on 8/11/02. The collection consists of a mixture of classical music, international radio, and various news sources.

To preview them and install the ones you want in your player, save the file to your desktop. Then double-click on the file, and you should get a dialog box asking if you wish to import the presets into your player. Click on OK, and they will then appear on your favorites list the next time you open it from the player. Go into manage favorites to remove the presets you don't want.

If you don't have the Real Player, you can go to the Real Networks web site and download the "basic" version for free. If you have not already installed the Real Player 8 Basic, you're now, unfortunately, limited to the Real One Player. The older Real Player 8 Basic is no longer offered. I say unfortunately, because the Real One Player will natter you with pop-up ads, start streams by itself if you don't click on a preset quickly enough, and the user interface is hardly intuitive. Worse, if you don't do a "custom" install and uncheck every file type except Real file types (.rnx, .rm, .ram, .ra), it will take over your computer and everytime you click on a media file of any type, it will start and natter you with ads - kinda like a bad computer virus. So if you install it, be sure you do a "custom" install and uncheck every file type except those listed above. And uncheck the box that will place you on their mailing list. Microsoft, for all its faults, doesn't natter you this way with its Media Player. It's very annoying - are you listening, Real Networks?

Telephone Solicitations

Tired of being bugged by telemarketers during dinner? There is a surprisingly simple cure. Here's a method that has worked well for me. After being bugged to death by those pests, I found out about a simple method that works amazingly well. I'm now bothered only about once every month or two by these creeps. Certainly more tolerable than the three or four times a night I used to live with.

Governmental Abuse of Authority

The libertarian streak in me resents governmental abuse of authority. One of my favorite web sites is a site that lists speedtraps all across America. If you've ever been caught in one, (c'mon! I know you have!), check it out! See my handywork under Fallon, Nevada. Forewarned is forearmed!

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