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National Public Radio

National Public Radio
KPBS San Diego (WMA) Server 1, Server 2
KPCC Pomona (WMA)
KPCC Pomona (MP3)
KCRW Santa Monica (MP3 Live)
KCRW Santa Monica (MP3 News)
KQED San Francisco (24 kbs Real)
KQED San Francisco (36 kbs WMA)
KQED San Francisco (36 kbs MP3)
KUER Salt Lake City (MP3)
KPCW Park City (MP3)
KUPR Logan, UT (MP3)
KJZZ Phoenix (WMA)
KJZZ Phoenix (MP3)
KJZZ Phoenix (Real)
KJZZ Phoenix (MP3 Low)
KBAQ Phoenix (MP3)
KBAQ Phoenix (Real)
KBAQ Phoenix (WMA)
KUAZ Tucson (MP3)
KNAU Flagstaff (MP3)
KPUB Flagstaff (MP3)
WBUR Boston (WMA)
WBUR Boston (MP3)
WGBH Boston (MP3)
WETA Washington, DC (MP3)
WAMU-1 Washington, DC (WMA)
WAMU-1 Washington, DC (Real)
WAMU-1 Washington, DC (MP3)
WAMU-3 Washington, DC (WMA)
WAMU-3 Washington, DC (Real)
WAMU-3 Washington, DC (MP3)
WNYC New York (MP3)
WNYC New York (WMA)
WNYC-2 New York (Classical MP3 128k)
WAMC Albany, New York (MP3 High)
WAMC-2 Albany, New York (MP3 High)
KUAC Fairbanks, AK (MP3 64kbs)
KUAC Fairbanks, AK (16k MP3)
KIPO Hawaii (20kbs WMA)
KIPO Hawaii (20kbs Real)
KUNC Denver/Boulder (24kbs MP3)
KBSU-News Boise (MP3 Low)
KBSU-Main Boise (MP3 High)

Pacifica/Progressive Streaming Feeds

KPFK Los Angeles (MP3)
KPFK Los Angeles (MP3 Stereo)
KPFT Houston
WBAI New York (MP3 stereo)
WBAI New York (MP3 mono)
WBAI New York (Ogg mono)
KPFA Berkeley
KPFA Berkeley (Stereo)
KPFB Berkeley
WPFW Washington, D.C.
KAOS Olympia, WA (Dem. Now: 9A PST)(high speed)
KAOS Olympia, WA (Dem. Now: 9A PST)(low speed)
WMNF Tampa (Dem. Now: 12PM EST)(high speed)
WMNF Tampa (Dem. Now: 12PM EST)(dialup)
Radio for Peace International
WHUS UConn. (192 kbps)
WHUS Uconn. (24 kbps)
KPHX Phoenix (Air Amer.) (24 kbps MP3)

Other Streaming Services

Radio Dos Boleros

BBC Streaming Feeds

BBC World Service News feed (Real)
BBC World Service News feed (WMA)
BBC Domestic News feed (Real)
BBC World Service Entertainment (Real)
BBC World Service Entertainment (WMA)
BBC Radio One
BBC Radio Two
BBC Radio Three
BBC Radio Four
BBC Radio Five
Newshour - 1300 GMT
Newshour - 2000 GMT
BBC World Today - 0300 GMT
BBC World Today - 2300 GMT
Science In Action
One Planet

Other Streaming News Feeds

Australian Broadcasting Co. Nat'l News (WMA)
Australian Broadcasting Co. Nat'l News (Real)
Australian Broadcasting Co. Classical FM (MP3)
Radio Australia (Real)
CBC Radio Streams Index
CBC Radio 1 Central Newfoundland (WMA)
CBC Radio 1 Western Newfoundland (WMA)
CBC Radio 1 Toronto (Ogg)
CBC Radio 1 Toronto (WMA)
CBC Radio 2 Toronto (Ogg)
CBC Radio 2 Toronto (WMA)
CBC Radio 1 Montreal (WMA)
CBC Radio 1 Winnipeg (WMA)
CBC Radio 1 Regina (WMA)
CBC Radio 1 Calgary (WMA)
CBC Radio 2 Edmonton (WMA)
CBC Radio 1 Vancouver (WMA)
CBC Radio 2 Vancouver (WMA)
CBC Radio 3
CBC Radio 3 Montreal
Radio Nederland (WMA)
Radio Nederland (MP3)
Deutsche Welle English Service Radio (MP3)
Deutsche Welle English Service Radio (Real)
Radio New Zealand (National)
Radio New Zealand (Concert)
Radio New Zealand International
Air America live stream (browser)

Classical Streaming Servces

Classical Music On-Line Broadcasters
KUSC Radio (real 96k)
KUSC Radio (WMA 96k)
KUSC Radio (MP3 96k)
Radio Svizerra (MP3 128k)
Radio Swiss Classic (MP3 128k)
WFMT Radio (real)

Streaming Science Programs

BBC Science Programs Homepage

BBC Science In Action
BBC Discovery
BBC One Planet
Science at Nine
CBS News Science brief
RCI Earthwatch
CBC Quirks and Quarks
Discovery Channel Online

Personal Sites

LoTW Login
eQSL Login index
Blog - Letters From Exile
Ham Radio Index Page

Costa Rica and Latin America News

Latin America news on Yahoo
Costa Rica news on Yahoo
Costa Rica news on Google
Tico Times
Inside Costa Rica
AM Costa Rica Front Page
AM Costa Rica Page 2
AM Costa Rica Page 3
AM Costa Rica Page 4
AM Costa Rica Page 5
La Nacion

BCCR Exchange Rate Summary
BCCR Reference Rate Page

Banco Central Nicaragüense Reference Rate Page

RECOPE Gas/Diesel Regulated Prices

Mainstream News Servers

Citizens For Legit. Gov. Breaking News
TV News Lies Headlines Page
BBC News Server
Google News Server World Page
BBC News Server World Page
BBC Americas Page
The Guardian
The Independent
International Herald Tribune

Progressive News Services

Democracy Now
Current program stream (copy and paste link address into Zinf, but change date and hour to current) Counterspin
Free Speech Radio News
Between The Lines OneWorld Audio

Center for Investigative Reporting
Common Dreams
Consortium News
Independent Media Consortium
Le Monde Diplomatique
The Progressive
World Socialist Web Site
One World

Science News Servers

BBC Sci-Tech Page
Google Sci-Tech Page
Science Daily
Scientific American News Page
Discovery News Page
Nature Update Page
New Scientist
ABC News Science Page
SciQuest Research News Page
LBL Science Beat
Fox News science page
National Geographic News
National Science Foundation
NASA Space Station Tracking Page

Informational Search Engines/Databases

Michigan Electronic Library
Internet Public Llibrary
World-Wide Gazeteer

Phone Number/People Lookup

Phone Number Lookup
International Telephone Lookup
International Address Finder
Expedia Map Server

Reference Desks


Miscellaneous Search Engines/Lookups book search

Web/FTP Search Engines

New York Times search engine index

FTP Search
Google Newsgroup Search
Northern Light

Domain/IP Lookups

Domain Name Lookup (Userland Whois)
Sam Spade Tools


cat herding


Hurricane Region Current Surface Codx.
Hurricane Region Current Surface Simplified
Hurricane Region Current Infrared
Hurricane Region Current Water Vapor
Current Tropical Surface Analysis
Central American Tropical Surface Analysis
Central America Discussion
Hurricane Current Surface Conditions
Hurricane Region 12-hr Surface Forecast
Hurricane Region 24-hr Surface Forecast
Hurricane Region 48-hr Surface Forecast
Hurricane Region current Steering Winds
Hurricane Region 12-hr Steering Winds Forecast
Hurricane Region 24-hr Steering Winds Forecast
Hurricane Region 48-hr Steering Winds Forecast
Hurricane Sector Water Vapor loop
Hurricane Sector Visible Image
Hurricane Sector Visible Loop
Hurricane Sector Water Vapor Image
GOES-8 3-hour Loop
Other hurricane images and loops
National Hurricane Center front page
W. Hemi. Clouds And Lightning Loop

Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies
NOAA El Niño/La Niña Page

Current Solar/Propagation Conditions
Space Weather Forecast
Real-Time Solar Wind Parameters
10.7cm Flux Trend
Solar Wind Params Trend
Space WX Params Trends
Current Coronagraph Image
Space Weather Prediction Center Current Conditions
Real-Time HF Critical Frequency Correction Factor
Real-Time D-Region Absorption Anomaly
Real-Time Global HF Propagation Map
Real-Time Optimal Frequencies Chart - Northern South America
Real-Time Western Hemisphere HF Fadeout Map
Real-Time Northern Auroral Map
Real-Time HAP Charts
Real-Time PCA-Proton Events
Solar Activity Chart, current to past 30 days
Current sunspot numbers - last 30 days
Predicted smoothed sunspot numbers

Earthquake Maps

U.S.G.S. Earthquake Server
U.S.G.S. North American Quake List
Govt. of Nicaragua Earthquake Server
Costa Rican Earthquake and Volcanology Institute Homepage

Regional Web Cams

San Francisco Peaks Cam
Grand Canyon South Rim
North Cascades Nat'l Park
Point Reyes Nat'l Seashore
St. George, UT
La Jolla Pier
Tsegi Canyon (Navajo Res.)
West Sedona
ASU Webcam
ADOT Webcams
National Weather Service Peaks Cam
University of Arizona Tucson Webcam

Regional Influenza Severity


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