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W7RI In Costa Rica

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Welcome To The W7RI In Costa Rica Website... Here you can find out all about me and my adventures as a political exile living in Costa Rica as well as the station and its facilities, where it is located, how to obtain a QSL if you have recently worked me, and a bit about what ham radio is like in a DX country in the equatorial regions. This is also a place to find the infamous "Scott's Tools" calculator, as well as antenna design files for the MultiNEC antenna simulation software. I have also included a brief tutorial on how to go about setting up an effective grounding system and protecting your station from lightning, as well as fixing RF problems in the shack and resolving problems with stray noise pickup. You'll also find a handy page with information graphics that are useful for monitoring current HF operating conditions.

About Me And My Life In Costa Rica... This section talks about my life in Costa Rica, and the joys and frustrations of living as a ham and an exile in a third-world country. Links to my non-ham web site, my complete biography and my day-to-day blog can be found here.

QTH and Station Information... Here you can learn about my station facilities, including equipment and antennas, and what it is I enjoy doing on-air.

Ham Radio In Costa Rica... Ham radio is very different here from what I was used to in the States. Here is what the differences are - propagation, the ham radio community, the band environments, and how to get a permit to operate here and how to arrange to stay in a first-class ham radio facility if you are interested in a ham radio vacation in Costa Rica or elsewhere in Central America.

QSL Information... This is a list of specific instructions that you will need to follow if you would like a QSL from me. Because of my unique circumstances, it is not possible for me to QSL via many of the usual routes, so here are the complete instructions on how you can do it.

"Scott's Tools" Software... Here you can find what you probably came to this site for. "Scott's Tools" is a spreadsheet program that runs under Excel (and should run under Open Office too, though I haven't tested it there - let me know) that enables you to do everything from simple Ohm's Law calculations to microwave path loss and parabolic dish gain calculations, simply by supplying the information that the spreadsheet asks for.

Antenna Designs... Good antennas are crucial to the success of any DX station, and I have done my fair share of experimenting. You can find here a collection of design files for both common and unusual antennas, designed for use with MultiNEC software or any software that can use .weq files. Also some basic information about how to get the software, go about software antenna simulation, and some hints and kinks in using the MultiNEC package.

A How-To Guide On Lightning Protection, Grounding Techniques And RFI Problem Resolution... This detailed explanation draws on my years of experience in professional engineering of practical lightning protection and grounding design, and resolution of RFI problems. It is intended to be a practical guide for hams and communications professionals on how to do lightning protection, setting up an effective grounding system, and how to resolve problems of RF in the shack, or reduce stray pickup of noise, which compromises receive performance.

Real-Time HF Radio Propagation Data... Here is a compendium of information in graphic form about current HF radio propagation conditions, arranged so you can keep them up and running on your monitor screen while you are operating, available at a glance. The data automatically refreshes every 5 minutes. With the data provided, you can see what conditions currently are, and if there is a disturbance in propagation, you can immediately determine what caused it and how long it is likely to last, as well as make an informed guess about what conditions will exist in the next day or two.